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Family Owned, Family Operated 

Serving Southern Alberta since 1960

In 1960 Dick Groenheide built the first Bethel Window in his basement in Calgary. When he ran out of room in his basement he moved to his garage before opening a manufacturing plant in Calgary in 1963. In 1976 moved the company to Coaldale where it is still located. When the family business first moved to Coaldale there were 10 employees, and the production facility was approximately 10,000 square feet. Gerald Van Seters, the current owner, did not join the family business until 1994. He then worked for father-in-law, Dick, for 7 years. When his father-in-law Dick passed away, the business came into the hands of the four siblings, one of these being Gerald’s wife, Margaret. He then worked for the four children of Dick until Gerald and his wife bought out the company in 2009, and changed the name to Bethel Windows & Doors. Gerald and Margaret now own the business, with Gerald as the manager. The company has expanded from the original 10 employees to 50, and 10,000 square feet to 100,000 square feet. Gerald and Margaret’s two children, Samuel and Hannah, are now working within the family business alongside Gerald.

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