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Arctic 100 Series

The Arctic 100 series window is designed with the extremes of the Canadian Climate in mind. Its performance, attractive design, and durability will always leave you satisfied. Configurations include Awning, Casement, Fixed, and Fixed Sash with Dual Glaze standard and optional Triple Glazed sealed units. The Arctic 100 series is easily customized to your taste due to the multiple extruded color and painting options. the Arctic 100 series is an extremely flexible option that can be made to reach whatever standard you are looking for in both new construction and renovation.

-Minimum thickness 3mm frame                                                            

-Full PVC with flange standard

-Discount for no Brickmould

-Multi-chambered sash and frame maximize strength

-Won't rust, peel, corrode, warp, or blister

-Impact resistant, won't chip like paint like other coatings

-Insulates against noise

-Fire resistant, self-extinguishing

-Full PVC jamb extension in a variety of sizes

-High/gloss easy finish on all components

-All fusion-welded corners ensure stability and durability

-Removable non-glare screen comes out with ease to interior

-Three-point weather-strip system puts a stop to air and water leakage

-Accommodates both Dual and Triple glazing options

-Equipped with Amesbury-Truth Hardware



  • Casement

  • Awning

  • Picture

  • Fixed Sash

Special Shapes

  • -Chord

  • -Round Top

  • -Elliptical

  • -Bay Window

  • -Bow Window

  • -Octagon

  • -Quarter Round

U-Values & Energy Rating 

Extruded Colours

Extruded Brickmould Colours




Chocolate Brown 

Charcoal Grey 


Chocolate Brown 

Charcoal Grey 

If you were hoping for a more unique colour for your new windows we have the capability to paint them nearly any colour. 

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