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Chinook 500 Series

The Chinook 500 Series is Bethel Windows and Doors newest window series. Available in a variety of Configurations, this pocket slider comes with a sleek design and is extremely easy to operate and keep clean. Reaching testing standards that many sliders will not reach, making the Chinook 500 series window a very solid choice for new builds or home renovations.


-Minimum thickness 2mm frame

-Flange Only Window

-Multi-chambered sash and frame maximize strength

-Won't rust, peel, corrode, warp, or blister

-Impact resistant, won't chip like paint like other coatings

-Insulates against noise

-Fire resistant, self-extinguishing

-Full PVC jamb extension in a variety of sizes

-High/gloss easy finish on all components

-All fusion-welded corners ensure stability and durability

-Removable non-glare screen comes out with ease to interior

-Three-point weather-strip system puts a stop to air and water leakage

- Accommodates Dual Glaze sealed units



-Vertical Pocket Slider

-Horizontal Pocket Slider


Extruded Colours


U-Value & Energy Rating 

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