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Steel Doors

Door Slab

-Steel panels with the nominal thickness of 0.21 are hot dipped with corrosion resistant zinc coating and are finished in an electron-statically applied high-quality powder paint.

-The core of the panels is polyurethane foam with and R-Value of 13-14

-Injected polyurethane foam bonds and insulates the door forming a solid composite door panel. Foam density averages 2.0 lbs per cubic foot

-The door comes with a full 16" lock block to provide strength at the lockset plus added security


-PVC wrapped frames provide maintenance free service for years

-Full PVC brickmould is applied to the frame matching the window systems

-Prehung door complete with nylon jacketed compression weatherstrip and multi-fin door sweep

-Heavy-duty thermal broken aluminum clad sills are standard

-Inswing, outswing, sidelite combinations and garden doors combined with your choice of doorlite options

Our steel doors come standard fully finished in white, with the option to upgrade to a painted door if you would like a different colour. 


-Available in all exterior door configurations. Single door, single or double sidelite and garden door.

-Available in partially or fully painted systems

-Custom transoms supplied to suit

-Rectangle, and raised Chord to full top Transoms



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