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Frequently Asked Questions

While providing quality products and putting the needs of our clients first, our team at Bethel Windows & Doors has come across certain common queries. In this section, we would like to answer them for you: 

Do you make your own windows?

Yes! All our windows are made right here in Coaldale, AB, by local men and women.

Do you sell to the general public or just contractors?

Yes, we do sell to the general public. Anyone is welcome to call us ( 403-345-4401), email us (, or come and visit us at our office (1504 12 St, Coaldale).

Do you install?

We actually just manufacture windows and doors but do work closely with many different contractors. Give us a call and we can help you get in touch with a professional in your area.

Do you have a showroom?

We do have a showroom located at 1504 12 ST in Coaldale, AB.

What causes condensation on my windows?

Condensation occurs when warm, humid air strikes a cold surface. When the temperature outside drops, condensation will almost always appear on your windows. Try opening your blinds to allow for more air flow and lowering the humidity in your home in the winter to help combat condensation. Click HERE to learn more.

We Provide Quotes on Our Services!

Get in touch with us to ask for a quote.

Reviews & Testimonials

Very Pleased

Very happy with my new windows and doors! I would like to thank the Sales staff for taking the time to educate me on all of the different options so I could make an informed decision for my renovation. Very pleased!

- Matt K.

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