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Product Warranty for the convenience of Our Customers

Upgrade your Windows and Doors and take advantage of the Greener Homes Rebate! 

Bethel Windows and Doors products are warranted against defective materials and workmanship for a period of FIVE (5) years. This warranty does not cover any product that has been abused, damaged, misused, worn out, altered or improperly installed. This warranty is transferrable with the original purchaser’s receipt. This warranty applies to products purchased from Bethel Windows and Doors after January 1st 2021.

General Terms and Conditions


In no case shall the liability of Bethel Windows and Doors exceed the cost of the materials and labour for replacing products deemed defective by Bethel Windows and Doors. Under no circumstances shall Bethel Windows and Doors be held liable or accountable for any direct, indirect or incidental damage.


Repair will be completed during normal business hours. If the repairs must be performed at a location more than 50 kilometers away from the closest authorized distributor, travel costs may be billed to the owner, in which case prior agreement must be reached between the owner and Bethel Windows and Doors as to the additional expenses that may be incurred. It is understood that access to the product to be repaired is incumbent on the owner and that Bethel Windows and Doors shall not be required to honor any warranty whatsoever unless the location where the repairs are to be made is accessible by road. The installation must not require scaffolding. Nevertheless, if scaffolding is required, it is incumbent on the customer to acquire it, erect it, and take it down at his or her expense.


The Warranties Do Not Cover:


  • Charges incurred for service calls by Bethel Windows and Doors representatives who fail to detect problems attributable to manufacturing defects or substandard materials;
  • Alterations or repairs after someone other than a Bethel Windows and Doors technician has made alterations or attempts at repair;
  • Product malfunction or damage due to negligence, accident, improper handling, or poor installation (non-square, twisted, inward or outward curving frames, etc.);
  • Water infiltration caused by something other than a product defect;
  • Product malfunction or damage due to improper heating or ventilation, or condensation resulting from excess humidity in the house;
  • PVC extrusions painted by the consumers and not by Bethel Windows and Doors;
  • The finish of indoor and outdoor locks, except when specifically mentioned;



For these warranties to remain valid, periodic product maintenance must be performed including painting and/or staining wood surfaces, inspecting sealants, and applying new sealant as required, lubricating hardware (moving parts), and cleaning the weatherstripping.

Reviews & Testimonials

Very Pleased

Very happy with my new windows and doors! I would like to thank the Sales staff for taking the time to educate me on all of the different options so I could make an informed decision for my renovation. Very pleased!

- Matt K.

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