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Revamp Your Alberta Homes with Leading Window and Door Manufacturers in Lethbridge

Bethel Windows & Doors is your top pick for premium window and door solutions, boasting a heritage from 1960. Situated in Coaldale, Alberta, our expansive production facility spans nearly 100,000 square feet, housing and training 40-50 local artisans. This dedication ensures each product leaving our premises exceeds industry benchmarks for excellence.

Our production line is backed by advanced technology and consistently delivers superior products tailored precisely to your needs. Our windows undergo thorough testing, guaranteeing unmatched energy efficiency and durability.

Integrity forms the cornerstone of our operations at Bethel Windows & Doors. We prioritize fair and respectful treatment of our clients and uphold the highest standards of quality, energy efficiency, and service. For inquiries, peruse our FAQs or contact our team for personalized assistance. Your satisfaction remains our utmost concern. Reach out to us today.

Why Choose Us?

Having been in operation for years as an expert window and door manufacturer in Lethbridge, Bethel Windows & Doors has acquired ample expertise in providing services that always satisfy customers. Here’s what makes us different than others:

​Exclusive window manufacturers for the Southern Alberta Lethbridge Region

​We are locally owned and operated and have been supporting the community since 1965

​Our knowledge and modern technology make for an unbeatable combination

So, choose your window and door manufacturers in Lethbridge and help us carry forward our rich legacy. 

Everyone wants their homes to be as efficient as they can be. This is not just comforting but also saves a buck. Our window and door manufacturers understand how windows and doors contribute to energy conservation. Let's see how our products from Bethel Windows & Doors can make a meaningful impact:

  • High-tech glazing for energy-efficient performance: Our technology keeps the UV rays outside and prevents the heat from escaping. This means the inside temperatures remain comfortable without necessarily blasting the heater or AC to save you on energy bills.

  • Positive environmental contribution: Investing in our energy-efficient windows and doors is saving for you and an excellent contribution to the environment. Together, we help reduce greenhouse gas emissions—locally in Lethbridge and globally—by consuming less energy.

  • Premium and Quality Materials for Comfort Guaranteed Throughout the Year: We use only high-quality materials that provide warmth in the winter and a cooling effect in the summer, reducing the need for heating or air conditioning.

  • Smartly designed windows: Our windows come with choices in double and triple panes, all designed with coatings that enhance comfort while consuming the least amount of energy.

  • Professional installation that guarantees a draft-free living space: Expert installers take you through the best way to fit your windows and doors. In this way, your home will be kept warm and comfortable at any time of the year. 

In brief, by making energy-efficient windows and doors from Bethel Windows & Doors part of your property, you are saving money and contributing to preserving the environment. Make the wise investment for your Lethbridge home's comfort, savings, and sustainability.

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How Our Windows and Doors Can Help Improve Energy Efficiency

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Lethbride Construction Association
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Reviews & Testimonials

Very Pleased

Very happy with my new windows and doors! I would like to thank the Sales staff for taking the time to educate me on all of the different options so I could make an informed decision for my renovation. Very pleased!

- Matt K.

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