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Remodel Your Alberta Homes With Bethel Windows & Doors

Bethel Windows & Doors is dedicated to delivering the highest standard of quality products. With an experience in producing windows and doors since 1960, we understand the needs of our clients. Our production facility in Coaldale, Alberta, has expanded over the years to nearly 100,000 square feet. We employ 40-50 local men and women and train them to ensure that all our customers receive superior products. The machinery used on our production line allows us to consistently and efficiently deliver a high-quality product suited to the needs of each individual customer. Our window systems are manufactured to test above the required levels of performance standards in the industry today. This ensures that you receive maximum value and high energy-efficiency. We take pride in being ethically and morally bound to treating clients with fairness. This is inherent through our internal standards of quality, energy-efficiency, and service, which enables us to deliver superior quality products to you. Got more questions for us? Check out some of our FAQs and get in touch.

Why Choose Us?

Having been in operation for years, Bethel Windows & Doors has acquired ample expertise in providing services that always leave customers satisfied. Here’s what makes us different than others:

Our knowledge and modern technology makes for an unbeatable combination

Exclusive window manufacturers for the Southern Alberta Lethbridge Region

We are locally-owned and operated and have been supporting the community since 1965

So choose your local window manufacturers and help us carry forward our rich legacy. 

Renovate Your Homes With Our Windows

We offer a variety of modern windows that suit every style of architecture.

Durable, High Quality Doors

Check out our wide range of long-lasting exterior doors.

Opt for an Advanced 301 Patio Door

Provided by Novatech, our patio doors have a large surface for a clearer view.

Take a Look at What We Do

Gain insights into all our projects and the products that we provide.

Professional Affiliations

Lethbride Construction Association
Fenestration Canada

Reviews & Testimonials

Very Pleased

Very happy with my new windows and doors! I would like to thank the Sales staff for taking the time to educate me on all of the different options so I could make an informed decision for my renovation. Very pleased!

- Matt K.

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