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Energy-efficient Windows: Saving Money While Going Green

Looking for a way to make your new home-building project even more attractive to home buyers or homeowners? Consider investing in energy-efficient windows.

Sustainability is one of the biggest home trends today. Nearly 70% of Canada's consumers expect businesses to solve today's sustainability issues.

Let's explore how choosing energy-efficient windows for your future home builds and renovations can help save money while also saving the planet.

Traditional vs. Energy-efficient Windows

A traditional window typically has two panes or one pane of clear glass, nothing more. However, an energy-efficient window is more advanced.

An energy-efficient window incorporates a glaze to keep outside weather from entering a home. Are you creating a custom window for your home build or renovation? You can choose a triple- or double-glazing option.

High-quality energy-efficient window manufacturers may also offer window options with durable weatherstripping systems. A two-point system is designed to control annoying drafts. Meanwhile, a three-point system can stop water and air leakage.

Look for windows that also come with positive interlocks. These can ensure a strong seal against unwanted drafts. They also offer extra security.

Let's explore a few benefits of investing in energy-efficient windows.

Energy Savings

A major advantage of energy-efficient windows is that they can save your customers money on their utility bills.

A traditional window in a home is prone to temperature loss. It is also susceptible to drafts and air leakage. This is especially true if the window is older.

This means the home's cooling and heating units must work extra hard. Otherwise, they won't maintain the home's target temperature. This may increase the homeowner's energy bills.

However, an energy-efficient window is better insulated. This means it can keep a person's home feeling cool during the summer and warm in the winter. The window may save homeowners' money, as windows may be a major source of Canadian homes' energy loss - as much as 25%.


Another reason to choose energy-efficient windows is that they will make your customers more comfortable. They will also protect their furnishings.

Quality windows feature insulation that minimizes the amount of sound entering the home. Energy-efficient windows can also repel ultraviolet rays. This can help keep homeowners' floors and furniture from fading.

Going Green

Finally, energy-efficient windows can help home contractors and their customers save the planet. That's because energy-efficient windows are eco-friendly.

With energy-efficient windows, you can improve a home's appeal and maximize natural light without harming the environment. This means energy use and carbon dioxide emissions could drop during the next few years.

How Our Energy-efficient Windows Can Help

Energy-efficient windows are worth investing in because they can help save your customers money on their electric bills. These types of windows can also block sound. In addition, they can prevent your customers' furniture from fading.

An energy-efficient window will also help both you and your customers decrease your ecological footprint long-term.

At Bethel Windows and Doors, we offer quality, energy-efficient windows. We also offer doors. Get in touch with a sales rep today!


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