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Improving Home Efficiency: How Upgraded Windows and Doors Make a Difference

Improve Home Efficiency With New Windows and Doors

Many of your clients might be interested in upgrading their homes to increase their value. For example, your clients could see a 72.3% return on investment when they replace their vinyl windows.

One of the main benefits your clients can experience when upgrading their windows and doors is improved home efficiency. Your clients can increase their home's curb appeal while saving money on energy costs each year. There are many benefits of upgrading doors and windows that you can inform your clients about.

This guide will discuss why you should encourage your clients to upgrade their doors and windows. Grow your construction business by offering window and door replacement services to homeowners.

Additional Insulation

Homes lose around 25% of their energy through doors and windows. This loss can significantly impact electricity costs.

One of the benefits of new doors for home efficiency is that they provide up-to-date insulation. There might be a gap between the door and window frame joints in the home.

Outside air can get into the home while the indoor air seeps out.

The home's exterior doors also need good weather stripping. This material forms a seal when the door is shut. The home's weather stripping system can deteriorate over time.

The new windows include triple or dual-pane glass. This type of glass prevents heat and cold air from transferring to the interior of the home from the outside.

Save Money on Repair Costs

You might think that you can replace worn weather stripping and repair your client's windows to improve their home's efficiency. However, it's nearly impossible to repair a window or door to the point where it would impact efficiency, even for experienced contractors.

Modern windows incorporate the following items to achieve their high-rated performance:

  • Inert gas fills

  • Insulating gas

  • Premium framing materials

  • Low-emissivity coatings

These different elements are impossible to add into an existing window to achieve the same results.

Decrease Outside Noise

Another benefit homeowners can enjoy from upgrading doors and windows is sound isolation. Old windows and doors can let in a lot of noise from the outside world, making it more challenging to feel relaxed. Triple-pane glass and insulating frames from new doors and windows can reduce noise from:

  • Barking dogs

  • Traffic

  • Lawnmowers

  • Neighbours

Reduce Wear and Tear on the HVAC Unit

Your client's air conditioner and heating unit work hard to keep their home at an ideal temperature. This becomes even more challenging for the appliance if the air is leaking outside your home due to inefficient windows.

They won't have to worry about their HVAC unit wearing down faster because it has to work harder when they have upgraded windows. They'll save money on repair and replacement costs.

Improve Home Efficiency With New Windows and Doors

Your clients can experience many benefits when upgrading their windows and doors. From improving their home efficiency to saving money on energy costs, there are several advantages you can touch on when talking to them about it. Provide value to your clients by encouraging them to update their homes.

Bethel Windows and Doors is here to help Alberta homeowners improve their homes. We work with leading brands in the industry. Get in touch with a sales representative to learn more.


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